Everyone who owns a home has it and no one knows what it is or how it works. At least that’s how it seems! Don’t worry: you’re not alone if you think the same way. We are here to help educate you and answer any questions you might have.

How is eTitle different from other title companies I’ve worked with?


Great question. After all, for the most part, no title agent is selling “better” title insurance than their competitors. We all typically have the same underwriters. An honest title agent will tell you that we compete in three ways: Customer service, convenience or ease of use, and fees. Customer service refers to our employees and their readiness/willingness to serve you and make your experience a great one. Convenience is all about what an agent can offer you so that the process is quicker and easier. Lastly, “fees” refer to a title agent’s discretionary costs associated with ordering a title search, examining it, clearing title, prepping closing docs, sending a closer/notary to help you sign, and their post-closing responsibilities. Title insurance premium is regulated for the most part, and all title agents can offer reissue rates, so that’s not necessarily included in the discussion about competitive fees. Suffice it to say, we do everything in our power, in all three categories, the be the most beneficial title agent for consumers. Our employees are responsive and glad to help. We try and be as convenient as possible with services like Anytime/Anywhere settlements and our 24/7 hotline. And we do our best to remain super competitive with our fees.